Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's been happening around the Jones' Home

  • I'm up to $4.80 in my business endeavor.
  • Michael is back on days...Hooray!
  • We are making an offer on a house in our area (Don't get too excited...we've been down this road before).
  • My student teacher is leaving me after 6 wonderful weeks....I'm excited to have my kids back but am dreading the whole working aspect :) My classroom is wonderfully organized with all the extra help I had.
  • The month of March has absolutely No (count school holidays....and very little chance of snow. Come on April!
  • Don't criticize me about my desire to be out of school (like Michael is doing now) I put in way more hours than required!!!!!! Be quick to sympathize and slow to criticize.
  • I'm excited about our revival this week (if you live in our area it's with Bro. Terry Norris @7).


Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

Awesome job on the business endeavors!! 1 cent is 1 cent more than you had before! I completely understand on the working issue! haha. Hope you have a great time at your revival sounds fun :)

Joy said...

I hope you can get a house soon. We shopped for over a year before we got ours. It can definitely be frustrating! Praying for you! :)